Sagebrush - Lemon Verbena - Hydrosol

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Sagebrush - Lemon Verbena - Hydrosol

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Sagebrush-Lemon Verbena (Artemisia tridentata, Aloysia triphylla)

Keywords: survival, resilience, individuation, spiritual practice, shadow work, the wounded healer’s quest to wholeness, the journey to Self.

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Pairs well with these flower essences: Spotted St. John's Wort (Illumination), Ghost Pipe (Repletion), Showy Skullcap (Pride), Swamp Rose Mallow (Compassion), Royal Catchfly (Forgiveness), Bloodroot (Patience)

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The Story of the Sagebrush-Lemon Verbena Distillation


Sagebrush is a species of Artemisia that grows prolifically on the high desert plateau outside of Taos, New Mexico. Its prolific nature is thought to be a reflection of its highly evolved coping skills; it takes something special to thrive so abundantly in such an unforgiving landscape. It is an intensely aromatic shrub, high in ketones, which can not only purge the air of negative infiltrations but stimulate our minds, invoking creativity and enlightened perspectives. This sagebrush was harvested while Erika was in New Mexico studying with Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer of AromaGnosis and represents the only plant in our hydrosol collection not grown or stewarded in Appalachia. However, this plant journeyed with her through an amazing experience, which she has likened to a vision quest, and represents for her a totem of her soul work. The Sagebrush was codistilled with Lemon Verbena as a metaphor for the lightheartedness that is sometimes lost when one is diving deeply into their shadow. The aroma of the Sagebrush combined with the Lemon Verbena has created an uplifting, elevating hydrosol which is also deeply grounded in bone and stone and the quiet wisdom of the high desert. This distillation was accompanied by a piece of Staurolite that Erika found in her explorations of the mountains and canyons of New Mexico. Staurolite is also known as the Cross Stone, and for some symbolizes the crucifiction of Christ and his sacrifices for the spiritual development of the people. For others, the crosses found on Staurolite represent the Celtic cross, or the quaternity, which has become a symbol for the journey to the Self (a process referred to by Carl Jung as individuation) and the quest to experience wholeness. The other stone that was incorporated into the distillation was a piece of Basalt collected from the Rio Grande Gorge outside of Taos, New Mexico which was blown out of the earth when it was being torn apart by tectonics, a violent wounding which has now made way for the unique ecosystems and life forms that thrive along the banks of the Rio Grande. It is a reminder that sometimes it is the deepest wounds which foster new opportunities for life to flourish. Lastly, the High Priestess tarot card was pulled for this distillation reminding us of the need to maintain our spiritual practices as tools for the safe navigation of the dark, wounded places within us.

Each hydrosol comes with a 4 x 6 card which displays images that tell the story of that specific distillation as well as keywords that highlight its ceremonial procurement and possible psychic or energetic application. Although these images may seem disjunct, they do indeed tell a tale of a particular moment in time as the lives of the plants being distilled are celebrated and relationships with the plants are being formed. However, we encourage you to explore the symbolism of each hydrosol on your own terms, from your own perspectives.

Ingredients: Steam co-distilled hydrosol of Artemisia tridentata and Aloysia triphylla.

For external use only. Spray 1-2 pumps no less than 1 foot from face, step or lean into the mist, and breathe deeply through your nose. Spray 1-2 pumps around work or living space. Not intended for use with children under the age of 12.

Local, sustainable aromatherapy. Artisan hydrosols distilled with intention from plants grown and stewarded in Appalachia.

“Our aromatic hydrosols, just like our flower essences, are preparations that celebrate the healing potential of metaphor, myth, and story. Each distillation captures a moment in time...a specific and intentional attempt to foster a deeper relationship with the plants and with ourselves; it is as if we are given the opportunity to experience the plants’ souls, and they ours. In this exchange we become characters in their collective stories and they become characters in our stories...and a healing companionship is born. In addition, I truly believe that when we are able to share in a plant’s story, as told through their aroma, we are often able to learn something about ourselves. It is our hope that through our hydrosols we are able to celebrate with others the magic of these exchanges and inspire your own relationship building, both with the plants and with Self.” - Erika Galentin, Clinical Herbalist, Distiller, & Co-creator at Sovereignty Herbs