Immortelle - Hydrosol

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Immortelle - Hydrosol

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Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum)

Keywords: generational trauma, quelling flames, cause and effect, softening hardened wounds, healing the cycle of repeated patterns.

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Pairs well with these flower essences: Leather Flower (Grace), Ratibida (Dignity), Wild Geranium (Hope), Spotted St. John’s Wort (Illumination), Blue-eyed Mary (Benevolence), Queen of the Prairie (Empathy)

Tarot: The Wild Unknown (non-affiliate link)

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The Story of the Immortelle Distillation

Immortelle is also known as Helichrysum (heli=sun and chrysos=gold) and is revered for the healing of traumatic wounds and the soothing of heat and inflammation in the physical, psychic, and spiritual bodies. Amethyst is believed to assist us in cultivating a greater understanding between cause and effect, encouraging self-compassion for how our past has shaped our present, and assist us in putting an end to negative self-talk. The Mother of Wands represents kind, nurturing mothering, the good mother archetype, and also represents our ancestors who themselves may have stepped through great trauma (multi-generational healing). This Immortelle was grown and harvested in Southeast Ohio, and unusual habitat for a Mediterranean plant. It was distilled at night in the company of a green tree frog, a creature that grants us permission to move on from traumatic experiences in our lives. This rich, sweetly spicy aroma is supportive to those who require softening and deep healing of hardened wounds. This hydrosol is especially for those who, after many long years (or even generations), are needing to move on from unhealed cycles and repeated patterns.

Each hydrosol comes with a 4 x 6 card which displays images that tell the story of that specific distillation as well as keywords that highlight its ceremonial procurement and possible psychic or energetic application. Although these images may seem disjunct, they do indeed tell a tale of a particular moment in time as the lives of the plants being distilled are celebrated and relationships with the plants are being formed. However, we encourage you to explore the symbolism of each hydrosol on your own terms, from your own perspectives.

Ingredients: Steamed distilled hydrosol of Helichrysum italicaum.

For external use only. Spray 1-2 pumps no less than 1 foot from face, step or lean into the mist, and breathe deeply through your nose. Spray 1-2 pumps around work or living space. Not intended for use with children under the age of 12.

Local, sustainable aromatherapy. Artisan hydrosols distilled with intention from plants grown and stewarded in Appalachia.

“Our aromatic hydrosols, just like our flower essences, are preparations that celebrate the healing potential of metaphor, myth, and story. Each distillation captures a moment in time...a specific and intentional attempt to foster a deeper relationship with the plants and with ourselves; it is as if we are given the opportunity to experience the plants’ souls, and they ours. In this exchange we become characters in their collective stories and they become characters in our stories...and a healing companionship is born. In addition, I truly believe that when we are able to share in a plant’s story, as told through their aroma, we are often able to learn something about ourselves. It is our hope that through our hydrosols we are able to celebrate with others the magic of these exchanges and inspire your own relationship building, both with the plants and with Self.” - Erika Galentin, Clinical Herbalist, Distiller, & Co-creator at Sovereignty Herbs