Bay Laurel - Hydrosol

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Bay Laurel - Hydrosol

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Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis)

Keywords: resolve, staying power, survival instinct, triumph, determination, breaking through barriers, the hero’s homecoming, inner significance of opposing forces.

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Pairs well with these flower essences: Blue Flag Iris (Boundaries), Obedient Plant (Will), Ratibida (Dignity), Black Cohosh (Purpose), Spotted Wintergreen (Decisiveness), Wild Geranium (Hope) , Catalpa (Courage)

Tarot: The Wild Unknown (non-affiliate link); Uusi ‘Supra’ Oracle (non-affiliate link)

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The Story of the Bay Laurel Distillation

This warm and sweetly motivating hydrosol was distilled over the Winter Solstice of 2018 while the moon was full in Cancer and our night skies were decorated with the speckling lights of the Ursid Meteor Shower.  In its Greco-Roman homelands, Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) was once considered a medicine of the Sun, a totem to Apollo. It was the perfect aromatic plant to distill on the longest night…the eve of the Sun’s return journey home.  It is a hero’s homecoming, as the light battles with the dark, once again taking reign over the season. Bay Laurel is also a symbol of victory, a symbol of triumph, for it is in this mythical battle with the darkness where we can find our true resolve.

Garnet, a stone of the blood, was incorporated into this distillation to symbolize of our primal nature, our survival instinct. The Island Spar is rumored to be the stone the Vikings used to navigate the seas.  It was incorporated into this distillation as a means of locating the light of the Sun, even on the darkest days.

This distillation incorporated the feathers of the cardinal to represent constancy, and the staying power required to overwinter in the dark; these beautiful red birds beckon us to keep searching for our soul song. The Impasse card was pulled from the Uusi ‘Supra’ Oracle, symbolizing the determination needed to break through the barriers that can imprison us in these shadows. The Justice card from the Wild Unknown Deck was also pulled. It speaks to the harmonious union between the opposing forces of darkness and light, but cautions us that it is all too easy to enact this epic battle outside of ourselves, projected onto others. In so doing we run the risk of becoming blind to the battle’s inner significance and it is this blindness that is the true impasse, the real prison. Not the darkness itself.

Each hydrosol comes with a 2 x 3.5 card which displays images that tell the story of that specific distillation as well as keywords that highlight its ceremonial procurement and possible psychic or energetic application. Although these images may seem disjunct, they do indeed tell a tale of a particular moment in time as the lives of the plants being distilled are celebrated and relationships with the plants are being formed. However, we encourage you to explore the symbolism of each hydrosol on your own terms, from your own perspectives.

Ingredients: Steam distilled hydrosol of Laurus nobilis.

For external use only. Spray 1-2 pumps no less than 1 foot from face, step or lean into the mist, and breathe deeply through your nose. Spray 1-2 pumps around work or living space. Not intended for use with children under the age of 12.

Local, sustainable aromatherapy. Artisan hydrosols distilled with intention from plants grown and stewarded in Appalachia.

“Our aromatic hydrosols, just like our flower essences, are preparations that celebrate the healing potential of metaphor, myth, and story. Each distillation captures a moment in time...a specific and intentional attempt to foster a deeper relationship with the plants and with ourselves; it is as if we are given the opportunity to experience the plants’ souls, and they ours. In this exchange we become characters in their collective stories and they become characters in our stories...and a healing companionship is born. In addition, I truly believe that when we are able to share in a plant’s story, as told through their aroma, we are often able to learn something about ourselves. It is our hope that through our hydrosols we are able to celebrate with others the magic of these exchanges and inspire your own relationship building, both with the plants and with Self.” - Erika Galentin, Clinical Herbalist, Distiller, & Co-creator at Sovereignty Herbs