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Registration is a 3-step process. Step 1: Scroll down to the class you would like to take and click ‘register now’. This will take you to our webinar platform landing page so you can choose which time you would like to take the class. Step 2: You will be redirected back to our website and then to PayPal to pay for the class with either your PayPal account or a credit or debit card. Once you have been directed through the PayPal payment process, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button that says ‘RETURN TO MERCHANT”. This will direct you back to finish your registration. Step 3: You have been redirected to our webinar platform and can now enter in your name and email address to receive your webinar links and password. Please feel free to email us at office@sovereigntyherbs.com if you get lost along the way.



5 considerations for setting up your herbal PRACTICE

Join Clinical Herbalist, Erika Galentin MNIMH, RH (AHG), for a free webinar exploring the many facets of modern clinical herbal practice and details that you might want to consider in setting up your own herbal clinic.

In this webinar, Erika will be sharing a bit about her story in setting up her clinical herbal practice in Ohio and cover topics that we will be exploring in our clinical intensive week in October of 2019. This includes:

  • Clinical forms such as Client Health History, Informed Consent & Disclosure, Privacy Practices, and Medical Release

  • Clinical skills including case management, client interview techniques & building rapport, physical assessment, building a wellness plan, clinical red flags, recording keeping, & screening clients

  • Ethical considerations including Scope of Practice, Herbalism & the law, Privacy and Confidentiality, power dynamics, Non-discrimination policies

  • Protocols including those surrounding special populations, herb-drug interactions, working with pharmaceuticals, communicating with other health professionals

  • ·Managing a dispensary including dispensing protocols, tracking systems & quality control, formulation, labeling, and record keeping   

Souls in the water: Exploring the role of hydrosols in Aromatherapy

Join Erika Galentin, Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist, and distiller at Sovereignty Herbs, on an exploration of aromatic hydrosols, her distillation process, and how she uses hydrosols in support of her clients' wellbeing. Presentation slides are provided as handouts. PLEASE NOTE the first 5 minutes of this presentation are silent with no audio. Wait though the first 5 minutes and the audio will start. Cost: $10.00.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Exploring a personal definition of Aromatherapy and the use of aroma in support of wellbeing.

  • What hydrosols are, how they are made, and how they differ from essential oils.

  • What we know about how our brains process aroma and the influences of aroma on the psyche.

  • How metaphors, myths, and stories associated with aroma may embolden this influence and how our distillation process captures these elements.

  • How you might incorporate hydrosols into your clinical or daily self-care practices.

SHAME, INFLAMMATION, & our herbal allies: Unlocking the inner pillory

Join Clinical Herbalist, Erika Galentin, on an exploration of the physiology of shame, what is known about its proinflammatory influence over physical wellbeing, and herbs that may support navigating shame and its often treacherous terrain. Cost: $25.00

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Framing the emotions and experiences of shame within the context of one’s perceptions of physical health & wellbeing.

  • Exploring what is known about the physiology of shame and its pro-inflammatory influence over the human body.

  • A discussion on the relationship between inflammation & common health problems.

  • Herbs and aromatics that may support the physical body, psyche, and spiritual needs of those who are navigating shame and its often treacherous terrain.wn about the physiology of shame and its proinflammatory influence over the human body.

Demystifying herb-drug interactions

Many people get very frightened when they think about herbs and drugs interacting with each other. Some even may feel defensive about the idea that pharmaceutical medicine so easily puts herbs in the hot seat. In this class you will be introduced to the means by which herbs and drugs may interact with each other, for better or for worse. We will also be learning skills for easier interpretation of the scientific research investigating these interactions in order to discern their clinical relevance. Cost: $25.00

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction to pharmacological terms

  • Pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic mechanisms

  • Which herbs & drugs present the highest risk

  • Other client-centered risk factors

  • How to avoid herb-drug interactions

  • Skills to evaluate herb-drug interaction research

  • How to discern clinical relevance 



About the Webinar:

Join herbalist Brooke Sackenheim of Sovereignty Herbs as she explores if and how ‘burnout’ may be affecting the herbalist community and sparks a conversation about what we all might be able to do about it.

This webinar will be recorded. If you are unable to make the live session, we recommend that you register anyway. You will have access to the replay for 30 days after the live session to watch at your convenience.


What you will learn:

  • Three specific characteristics of burnout

  • What does burnout look and feel like?: A Western Herbalist’s perspective

  • Exploring the history and research of burnout

  • A discussion of how an herbalist can maintain resilience while navigating this condition