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Aromatic Distillation: Exploring Self through Aroma, Plants, & Landscape

  • Rooted Apothecary 126 North Main Street Gunnison, CO 81230 United States (map)

Join clinical herbalist, Erika Galentin of Sovereignty Herbs, for a 2-day intensive workshop on the ancient alchemical art of aromatic distillation as a tool for exploring your inner Self and developing deeper relationships plants and their landscapes.

 The first day of class will consist of hiking* through and exploring very special wild landscape/s within the heart of Colorado‚Äôs Rocky Mountains in search of an aromatic plant species to study, harvest, and distill. The structured plant study incorporates techniques designed to prime our primary senses, imagination, and artistic expression with a goal of developing deeper relationships between the plant, the landscape, and our inner selves. During this first day we will also be learning about ethical wild-harvesting and foraging while collecting enough plant material to distill into an aromatic hydrosol. **

 Day 2 of this workshop includes the distillation itself! Using a copper alembic still for our distillation, participants will also learning the anatomy and physiology of aromatic distillation. As the distillation progresses, elements of our plant study, storytelling, and tarot will be woven together and shared to provide a reflective surface for self-discovery.