Our Columbus Address:

Forefront Health & Wellness, 761 S. Front Street
Columbus, OH 43204

Our Athens Address:

7247 North Coolville Ridge Road
Athens, OH, 45701

Sovereignty Herbs shares a property with Companion Plants. Our clinic can be found in the apartment building next to the private residence. Pull in the first driveway and park next to the long barn. If you get to the greenhouse driveway, you've gone too far.

  1. Approaching Athens on St. Rts. 33, 50, or 32, you will see an exit marked Stimson Avenue & Athens County Rd. 25. Take this exit.
  2. County Road 25 is usually well marked and only runs in one direction from this point. Get on County Road 25 / Rock Riffle Rd.
  3. Follow County Road 25 up the hill for 2 miles to the first stop sign. Going straight through the intersection will put you on County Road 90 / N. Coolville Ridge Rd.
  4. Stay on County Road 90 for 1 ½ miles. You will then see a big red barn in front of you. CR 90 takes a sharp left turn, but you want to go straight (to the right of the red barn), to contiue on N. Coolville Ridge Rd.
  5. Our clinic is 8/10's of one mile on the righthand side. If you see a sign (on the right) that says "Companion Plants", you've gone too far.

Map and Photos of Athens Location: